Dask Kubernetes

Dask Kubernetes provides cluster managers for Kubernetes.

KubeCluster deploys Dask workers on Kubernetes clusters using native Kubernetes APIs. It is designed to dynamically launch short-lived deployments of workers during the lifetime of a Python process.

Currently, it is designed to be run from a pod on a Kubernetes cluster that has permissions to launch other pods. However, it can also work with a remote Kubernetes cluster (configured via a kubeconfig file), as long as it is possible to interact with the Kubernetes API and access services on the cluster.

HelmCluster is for managing an existing Dask cluster which has been deployed using Helm. You must have already installed the Dask Helm chart and have the cluster running. You can then use HelmCluster to manage scaling and retrieve logs.

See https://docs.dask.org/en/latest/setup/kubernetes.html for more.